Bergen Sentrum

Bergen Sentrum

søndag 26. juli 2009

Welcome to wazalendo

Welcome to the brand new Wazalendo Kenya blogg. Wazalendo (which means patriotic in swahili) is a voluntary organisation based in Bergen Norway and covers the whole of Hordaland province in Norway. It serves not only the interest of Kenyans and other foreigners in Norway but it is also allied to other like-minded organisations in the world. Kindly enjoy. For any comments or queries, please write to us at: or at or join us at face book page with our profile name Wazalendo Bergen. Wazalendo Bergen organisation was started in february 2008 and has grown in leaps and bounds. The organisation has members from all walks of life and participates actively in the matters affecting foreigners.


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Makosir sa...

Am proud to see the developments in Bergen. Being a true mzalendo living in Oslo, I feel we now need to work closer and keep the Kenyan flame burning brighter.I wish all Kenyans living in Norway all the best wherever they are. We hope to start several Wazalendo Kenya branches in Norway.. but as one said before me, Rome wasn't built in a day. The first to follow is Wazalendo Oslo. Check the for details...I know Kenyans are ready to unite and we are already working on modalities and plans for a Grand Kenyan Party to be held sometime later this year.