Bergen Sentrum

Bergen Sentrum

torsdag 26. november 2009

Jamhuri day celebrations

The much waited Jamhuri day celebrations is soon here with us again. Jamhuri day is kenyas most imporntant public holiday. Jamhuri which means independence is celebrated by Kenyans world over...celebrating and remembering the freedom fighters who fought for independence. Kenya gained self rule on June 1st 1963 (Madaraka) but gained full independence on the 12th of December 1964. It was the day the Union Jack was hoisted down and the new kenyan flag hoisted up. It was the birth of a free and an independent nation.

kenyans in Bergen have not been left behind in the celebrations. Last year they had a huge party at Biks whereby the Norwegian based artist Stella Mwangi aka STl entertained the masses. Sumptuous kenyan foods were made and a full "masaai market" shop was opened at the venue. Such scarce goods like Eno, blueband and many more were on sale amongst the kenyan curios and paintings.

This time round though, and with luck, 12th December falls on a saturday and one of kenyans most famous Djs living in the Diaspora will be at BIKS to entertain the people. Dj sparks has honed his skills amongst the best Djs in United Kingdom where he is based. He has hosted nearly all the EastAfrican music stars and rugby teams on their European tour. He has promised a fantastic night in Bergen with all the latest music from East Africa,Africa and the wider world. Another Kenyan Dj based in Bergen will assist Dj sparks. He is well know as DJ showdeemo).

This time round, the Wazalendo Bergen has promised an "Oscar Award" style party with all the trappings that come with it; photo opportunities and gifts. There will be lots of food and drinks and a mini masai market will be opened. Here you can be able to buy exotic christmas presents right from Kenya. The party is slated at Biks ( Bergen International Cultural Center) on Kong Oscars gate 15. All are welcome.
It will be a night full of action and activities!!!

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