Bergen Sentrum

Bergen Sentrum

onsdag 2. juni 2010

Madaraka day celebrations

Yesterday on the 1st of June Kenyans celebrated the 47th annivasary of self rule from the British in 1963. Should the new constitution be passed in August 4th, then this celebrations will be the last ones to be held. The new constitution recognises 20th October as mashujaa (freedom fighters) day and 12th december when we celebrate Jamhuri ( Freedom/independence) day.

Madaraka day is celebrated to mark the day Kenyans gaines self-rule in 1963 but not full independence. We had Kenyatta as the prime minister and we were still under the crown: Her Majesty the queen og England was also our queen. However, after the full attainment of independence a year later on day, Kenya became a republic and Kenyatta became the president.

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