Bergen Sentrum

Bergen Sentrum

søndag 2. august 2009

Fyllingen 1 Sandnes Ulf 3

Kenyan shines

Today in Fyllingsdalen at 13:30, the Sandnes Ulf football club was hosted by the Fyllingen club. Fyllingen played a well coordinated match in the firts half and they scored a well deserved goal. The first half the match was 1:0. The second half saw a well rejuvenated Sandnes Ulf team that consistently attacked the Fyllingen goal post with many missed opportunity. On the 54th minute, Kenyan Paul Oyuga with jersey nr. 21 scored a beautiful goal from a passing from the right flank that missed the goal keeper. Oyuga was at the right place at the right time and he netted the ball easily. On the 78th minute, after a series of good passes and misses, Oyuga yet again got a good pass from his comrade and he was alone with the goal keeper, who having no chance from saving the ball, fouled Oyuga. The referee did not hesitate to red card the keeper and call for a penalty. The penalty was beautifully placed on the right hand side of the post while the keeper dived to the left.

The 86th minute saw yet another attack that resulted in a corner. The corner was taken and Andreas from Sandnes Ulf netted the third and final goal of the match that made some Fyllingen supporters leave the stadium. Paul Oyuga played a key role in the game both as a striker and as a defender. The match was graced by a host of Brann players who came to support their local team. It was good to see that Oyuga still had those magic touches since his heydays as Kenyan national team player. Wazalendo Kenya wishes to congratulate him and his team for the splendid performance.

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Makosir sa...

Am proud to see the developments in Bergen. Being a true mzalendo living in Oslo, I feel we now need to work closer and keep the Kenyan flame burning brighter.I wish all Kenyans living in Norway all the best wherever they are. We hope to start several Wazalendo Kenya branches in Norway.. but as one said before me, "Rome was not built in a day". The first to follow is Wazalendo Oslo. Hongera sana wenzetu huko Bergen twaonana September tukijaliwa.