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Bergen Sentrum

onsdag 2. september 2009

National Elections in Norway

Imporntant Information

Use your Vote!!!

This year is the parliamentary elections in Norway. The Parliament or stotinget is Norways people choosen legislative council and has 169 representatives or what is commonly known as MPs or members of parliament. There representatives will represent the population in all the 19 provinces.

Wazalendo Kenya, stortinget, The felles Invandrere Råd (DFIRH), encourages all kenyans living in Norway and are over 18 years of age and have become Norwegian citizens to use their vote during the Parliamentary elections on monday 14th september. Many councils (Kommuner) will also hold their elections on sunday the 13th of september.

To vote in an election is right in Norway. To use your vote means to be a part of the community or society that will decide who shall govern Norway the next 4 years. Use your vote and dont let others decide for you. A high voter turnout os a sign of a good democracy. There was an increase in voter turn out amongst foreigners in the parliamentary elections of 2005 and we hope that more will participate this year. So Kenyans and other foreigners should come out and vote....

information on how to vote will be shown on tv and on newspapers and bronchures are also sent on post. More can be found out on here you can find persons and parties that you can vote for. Take a minute of your time to orient yourself on this.

Remember that from 10th August to 11th September you can vote earlier.

Your Vote counts.


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