Bergen Sentrum

Bergen Sentrum

tirsdag 22. september 2009

Idealist in the Slums in Kenya

Eivind Voll Storaas is a second year medicine student from Fyllingsdalen. Together with three other Bergensere (people who live in bergen), he used 4 weeks of his summer holiday to work at a "medical outreach" project in the slums in Kenya. The 4 voluntary guys from Bergen worked together with local voluntary doctors and others in kenya. You can read his mindboggling travel diary from the tour that had many challenges and some surprises.

The moving story appeared on "Sydvesten", a local newspaper for fyllingsdalen and laksevåg. Those who cannot get a copy can get one from Wazalendo Bergen by sending a request here under "comment".

Eivind Voll Storaas has, after he came back home, collected money for the organisation he worked for in Kenya. The organisation is called " Salem orphanage" and is driven by Phoebe Onyango and her husband John Onyango. Internet: and the account number you can give your contributions is 97223287615. The money that he collects will be used in purchasing a microscope and other clinical equipments that Salem organisation will use in doing medical tests and examinations for the local population at a price they can pay. This will be done in conjunction with the voluntary local doctors and will give the organisation a steady income, apart from other donations from the world. The clinic will use voluntary and grown up children in most of their work and this will in the long run to reduce costs. The test the organisation offers is much cheaper than the private indian owned hospitals in the region.

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Anonym sa...

I have just came across your website and happy with what you are doing. would you please send me a copy of the newspaper article which has the young university student from norway volunteering in kenyan slums. I would be very greatful. I am also involved in humanitarian work of a similar nature. thanks