Bergen Sentrum

Bergen Sentrum

tirsdag 22. september 2009

October 10th Party!!!

Is soon here!!!
The big day is approaching fast and kenyans in Bergen are gearing themselves up for yet another party.....and its not just another party. Its the party.
Kenyans in bergen are known for well-organised parties. The last one they organised was in celebrating Independence day which falls on the 12th of December.

Then, the kenyans had invited norwegian based Kenyan hip hop sensation STL (Stella Mwangi) to perform at the party. The party was a huge success.

This time round, the organisation behind the successes, Wazalendo kenya, is pulling all stops and resources to ensure yet another good party of the month.
DJ Chizzy and Kenyan rapper based in Norway will ensure that the mood at Bergen International Culture Centre is electric. And it will be, as the Trondheim based Dj Chizzy is well known in social circles for his amazing mixing of different music from the world over. Missing this fabulous party will be at your own peril. Come celebrate with the kenyans the Freedom fighters day.

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