Bergen Sentrum

Bergen Sentrum

fredag 9. april 2010

Free of charge computer use...and definition of terms

There are two places where one can use computers for internet and other uses for free.
These places are:
1. All public libraries in Norway and at
2. All NAV local services

What is social dumping?

Social dumping - a situation in the workplace where foreign employees who carry out work in Norway have substantially poorer pay and working conditions than Norwegian employees. The term is not limited to the question of being paid less for the same work. It is also social dumping if foreign workers have significantly poorer working conditions in other respects, for example in the form of disadvantageous working hours, a lack of safety training, inadequate attention to the safety in the workplace etc.

Tax deduction card - The tax reduction card shows how much tax your employer should deduct from your pay. All workers in Norway must have a tax reduction card, which must be given to their employer.

Tax return - The tax return provides with complete information about your income, wealth and deductions, so that the correct amount of tax can be calculated. everyone who has a taxable income or wealth must complete a tax return.

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