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Bergen Sentrum

fredag 21. mai 2010

Continuation of the Wazalendo project proposal in Kenya


Orientation meetings, Barazas, FGDs and trainings will be the strategies used to capacity build the communities to openly discuss FGM and early marriages, seek common ground for the involvement of all and find culturally acceptable alternatives to FGM while ensuring rite of passage.

So as to avoid conflict with elders who are custodians of local cultures, the project plans to promote dialogue and training programs for different age sets on the harmful effects of FGM/C and the benefits of embracing alternative rites of passage. The project recognizes the need for the provision of a rescue centre for girls forced into FGM and forced, early marriages and women threatened with domestic violence.

1. Financial level
Key organizational leaders and staff will be trained in resource mobilization skills and will be linked to appropriate funding agencies to be able to finance their causes in future. ROPE will integrate a strong advocacy component in their programs so that they can further empower local people to own the project, take up responsibility for their own lives and also lobby government for increased funding.

With sustained and focused lobby and advocacy by networking with other indigenous people’s, NGO, GOK, international organizations and the communities within Kenya, it is envisaged that funding from both devolved as well as national government, will prioritize indigenous women/girls needs. Policy reforms in the departments of social services, gender, will bring increased funding for anti FGM/C campaigns.
1. Institutional level:
To employ a full time project coordinator and assistant and support to meet expenses of office space and necessary equipment, survival of this project will be greatly enhanced. This will result in improved capacities for fundraising and resource mobilization by working with local authorities to ensure that this FGM/C, which is against the law in Kenya, is completely eradicated.
2. Community Level
Promotion of the alternative rite of passage, once entrenched into the community structure will be a part of the community events that they can manage on their own.
Building of a rescue shelter for gender based violence victims which includes; FGM/C, forced/early marriages, rape; this will allow those too young and unwilling to undergo FGM/C to have a safe haven. These girls will have time to pursue their education and enhance their decision making skills thus growing into confident women who can improve and sustain the well being of their community.
3. Policy level:
The action is anticipated to influence improved girl child rights. Lobby and advocacy activities will ultimately ensure that justice is given to young girls who have had no say on whether or not they should undergo FGM/C.

• Orientation and FGM meetings conducted will ensure involvement of all thus setting the stage for future dialogue among all community members that is currently only in the male domain.
• The improved literacy of the girl child will ensure a continuous culture of educating girls in future
• Acceptance of the alternative right of passage will wean the community away from dependency on FGM as a means of initiating girls into womanhood.
• Provision of a rescue centre will send a message to the stubborn male population that girls can find a safe haven, protected by the law, thus relaxing their rigidity.


There is a huge potential that a great deal of positive development will be achieved for the girl child if this project is kept running sustainably.

ROPE is therefore seeking KES 1,980,000 ($24,750) to strengthen the capacity of Laikipia North District indigenous women/girls to support and advance their self development and aspirations for an initial period of Six month (6) months. Implementation of the project activities will commence from the award of funding. Since ROPE is an already existing non-governmental organization, the funding will supplement its on-going activities. However, this will be a very worthwhile boost to the activities of FGM/C and early and/or forced marriages It should be noted that the project area is in a semi-arid and sparsely populated. The road network is poor and in some cases roads do not exist making travel quite difficult.

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